Top 3 Tips for Marketing Your Home Online

Most buyers are using the internet to search for homes, so it’s important that your listing has a strong online presence. Check out our list of top 3 tips for marketing your home online!

1) Use professional photos. Pictures are the first thing a potential buyer sees, and a great first impression is critical.  If buyers don’t like the images they see online, chances are they’ll just move on to the next listing. A great photographer can really bring out the best features of your home by using the most favorable angles, lighting, and composition. Good pics will showcase your home in their best light, help get potential buyers through the door, and quite likely sell your home faster and for more money.

2) Write a great description of your home. Your ad copy has to be compelling enough to spark peoples’ interest and persuade them to come tour your home. You’ll want to mention the basic information—location, bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage—along with the best features of your property. Tell your agent your favorite things about the house, to make sure the best features are highlighted.

3) Dial in your digital marketing. Marketing online gets your listing in front of the most motivated buyers who are looking for homes like yours.

Facebook and Google are the largest internet ad platforms, so if you’re hiring an agent to sell your home, ask if they advertise on these networks. YouTube videos are a great way to showcase your listing. Even if you don’t have video of your home, you can use professional photos to create a video slideshow, and run it on Youtube.

Best practices for online ads are constantly changing, so it’s really important that whoever is marketing your home stays up to date with the latest changes in online marketing.

When you’re interviewing an agent to sell your home, check out the marketing they’ve done for other listings, and make sure they’re using pro photos and writing good copy. Visit their YouTube channel, and check out their social media. If they’re doing a good job of presenting themselves online, they’ll probably be effective at marketing your home as well.

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